As part of Colorworld's commitment to provide our customers with the very best of products and services
we also provide an alternative to StudioPartner Roes. Colorworld Designer Pro is our recommended
choice of software for designing Renaissance Digital Albums and Coffee Table Books.


  • Compatible Software

    Mac & PC Compatible Software

  • Drag and Drop

    Simple drag and drop usability to add and move images quickly and easily

  • Customisable Features

    Customised layouts, fonts, colours, overlays and spreads.

  • Easy Navigation

    Easy Navigation by using single or double-page thumbnails.

  • Layout Choices

    Select from dozens of page layouts.

  • Pre-generated Features

    Pre loaded with backgrounds, mask, frames.

  • Flexible Content

    100% flexibility in arranging images and text

  • Automatic Updates

    Automatic updates of templates and lab provided images.

  • Save for Later

    Options to save designed page templates for future use.

  • Proofing Tools

    Create JPG proofs to allow approval from customer before completing album order.

  • Flight Check Quality Assurance

    Order 'Flight Check' to highlight any possible errors before uploading order to us. Probable the best album design software you will find from any album manufacturer.

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