SIMS & SEEMIS Data Capture

Colorworld Imaging have teamed up with a leading solutions provider, Image Order Services, to provide you with a fast and efficient way to capture student information in order to create images that are ready for Schools Management Information Systems (MIS) such as SIMS™and SEEMIS™.

The procedure requires the purchase of an annual license for the software to create data matrix ID cards which are photographed along with the students.  The ID images and student images are then processed through the software to generate renamed and resized images that are required for school MIS systems.

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1. Obtain pupil list from school including firstname, surname, class and admission number

2. Generate Data Matrix codes from data and print out onto normal laser/inkjet paper.

3. Photograph pupils, whilst photographing Data Matrix codes.

4. Process images through Data Matrix Software (Colorworld can manage this process for you if you don’t have your own license of the software)*

5. Generate image disk for school.  (If you require a license for the SIMS™ Photo Importer as part of the image disk, then please contact us)

If you need any assistance with this process, then please contact as we have trained staff who can guide you through it.

*Additional charge applies.

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