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Colorworld can offer a complete automated work flow that minimises your workload and saves you time and money.The service is completely free as we as a company understand the importance of finding a lab that you can trust in both quality and speed.

The workflow will allow you more time behind the lens taking the images and no form filling or ordering systems to worry about leaving you more time to make money!

Initial Setup

The first point is to select from our products exactly what you wish to offer and how much you are going to charge your end customer for the product.

Download our Schools brochure and select the type of proof card and products you would like. We recommend that you speak to our schools product specialist so that we can assist in you in this process.

1. Product Selection

Create your product offerings by selecting a range of preset packs or create your own pack choices using a combination of the Pre-Sets with any additional packs, framed prints or add-ons.

2. Preview Card Design

Once you have decided exactly what your products are and how much you are going to charge we can design a preview card specifically for you.

3. StudioPartner Set up

Now you have a completed design and product offering we are ready to hit the final stage of set up. We upload your Preview Card template into your StudioPartner.

Our Workflow in Action

1. School Photo Shoot - Complete your photo shoot at the school

2. Order your Preview Cards. - Using your Preview Card template in Studio Partner, you upload the image for each person or subject into the template and add to cart. This can be done en-mass in seconds with a little computer short cut!

3. Receive your Preview Cards - You will receive your individual preview cards in one delivery, which you can then drop off at the schools/club/nursery etc for dissemination to the parents for them to order their prints.

4. Preview Card Collection - Its often a good idea to put an Order Deadline Date on your Preview Card so that the school can aid in encouraging the return of all cards. Simply collect all of the returned cards with completed orders on from the school or nursery.

5. Place your orders. - Simply send all of the completed Preview Cards to us and we will do everything from there. We take the chosen image and print it to the requirements of the product selected and then send the finished product directly to the end customers for you. We can even place in some of your marketing material if you would like it sent to the end user with the pack.

Proof Cards

Choice of photographic, leaflet or printed envelope proofs for your schools.

Standard Packs

We offer a range of pre-set packs you can easily select one that fits your requirements or create your own.

Group & Panaramic Prints

A great way to remember class photos, friends & year groups.

Framed Products

As well as traditional prints in strut mounts, we can also offer canvas wraps, framed prints & framed panoramics.

Online Sales

The perfect online sales tool to help grow your business.

Friends & Trifold Leaflets

A great addition to any school packs or add on packs.

SIMS Importer Licences

Order directly from through for SIMS Photo Importer Licenses. (T&C's Apply).


Enhance your packs with various add-on products.

Schools Brochure

Click to download our schools product brochure. Please call for further information.

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