Bifold, Trifold and Quadfold brochures are a great way of advertising your services to new clients.  Printed on 300gsm coated card, the brochure is creased twice allowing the brochure to fold in on itself or as a zigzag fold—the design choice is yours!

An essential business item from Colorworld Imaging. Even in an increasingly digital world it’s difficult to adequately market many products without a traditional brochure. Our brochures are ideal as a cost-effective way to get your brand to clients, and perfect as product guides, price lists and information cards detailing your catalogue of products in greater detail.

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Key Points

  • Available in sizes 5x4, 5.5x5.5, A3 & A4
  • Available in Bi-fold & Tri-fold
  • Price for packs of 25
  • Perfect for Product Guides, Price Lists & Information cards

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