Album Presentation Boxes

All of Colorworld’s Albums and our Lay Flat Books come with a complimentary standard presentation box, however you can upgrade your packaging. As the first thing a customer sees, packaging is a huge component of the finished product and providing stylish and personalised boxes can add a significant value to your client offerings.

Portfolio Boxes also provide the perfect way to present your prints, either mounted or unmounted to your client.  Each box is approximately 60mm in depth allowing you to store up to 15 mounted prints or approximately 200 unmounted prints.

You can now design your presentation box to match your album, even using the same cover materials including Leathers, Silks, Linens & Buckrams.

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Key Points

  • Embossing available
  • Sizes from 7x5 to 16x12 to compliment any of our albums
  • Available with Image Wrap Cover, Leather, Linen or Buckram Covers

Cover Options

Colour Options

Faux Leather

Birch Baby Blue

Birch Wild Cherry

Birch Autumn

Birch Taupe

Birch White

Birch Sunset

Birch Steel

Birch Stone

Birch Silver Grey

Birch Regal

Birch Postbox

Birch Mint

Birch Mushroom

Birch Linen

Birch Magnifico

Birch Khaki

Birch Dresden

Birch Ivory

Birch Bordo

Birch Brown

Birch Blush Beige

Birch Buiscuit

Birch Black

Buckram 100% Cotton

Baby Blue

Baby Pink





Natural Linen

Bottle Green



Natural Coral

Natural Cream

Natural Lemon







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